Friday, July 26, 2013

Please join me at Carolina Bon Vivant!

Up until the first couple of months of 2012,  I blogged here at Another Marvelous Meal about meal planning, family dinners and other culinary adventures .  At the point that I quit posting, I was busy  dealing with the transition to life as a single mom with two teenage boys.  A year on, I am relieved that we have a new normal that is not all that different from the old.  We still have family dinner almost every night and Meatless Mondays at least some weeks.  I don’t meal plan nearly as thoroughly as I once did, but there’s food in the fridge and no one is starving.  When I really don’t feel like cooking, I drag the boys into the kitchen and we all make dinner together.  They are not exactly enthusiastic, but they have learned some basic skills for which I am sure they will one day thank me.  And I’ve made the difficult decision to start over with a new blog.

My new blog, Carolina Bon Vivant, is about moving on and enjoying the good life in the Carolinas. I’ll still be blogging about family dinners, entertaining and culinary adventures. But there are also more restaurant reviews and posts about weekend getaways, road trips, shopping,  hiking trails, drives and vistas, farmer’s markets and roadside stands, events and festivals, some decorating tips and whatever else strikes my fancy. 

Please come over and join me at Carolina Bon Vivant!

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