Monday, June 6, 2011

June Meal Plan No. 1

What a crazy few weeks this has been! Three long weekends in a row out of town have definitely taken a toll on my blogging. I've cooked like a mad woman when I've been home though and taken pics so hopefully I'll have some time this week to post about the cool stuff I made last week.

This weekend's road trip was to Acworth, Ga outside of Atlanta where W sailed on Lake Altoona while I killed time checking out the area's various food offerings. This week's menu is driven by what I found:

Sausages with Mustard, Pickled Vegetables, Corn on the Cob

I can't wait to blog about my trip to Patak-Bohemia Sausage Chalet in Austell GA. What a find! They make an incredible variety of sausages. I bought one or two each of about 10 different kinds to throw on the grill.

Spicy Tuna Tacos, Avocado-Jicama Slaw, Red Achiote Rice

Another area food find -- fresh corn tortillas from the Marietta Square Farmer's Market. And I get to use the Achiote powder I bought at the Food Pak on the previous weekend's road trip!

Chicken Tikka Kebabs, Cilantro Mint Chutney, Fresh Mango Chutney, Naan

I couldn't pass up the chance to go to Trader Joe's in Marietta. I came away with an interesting variety of items, including a package of Masala Tandoori Naan, as well as a case of wine.

Hash Browns with Chorizo Patties, Eggs & Romesco Sauce

This meal is inspired by the Chorizo burger I had two weeks ago at Flip on road trip number one to BlogHer Food in Atlanta. DH and I made a batch of Chorizo last week but aren't happy with the flavor. I picked up a package of Chorizo from Pine Street Market's stall at Saturday's Marietta Square Farmer's Market in the hopes of doing a comparison to figure out where we went wrong.


Turkey & Cucumber Lettuce Wraps with Peanut Sauce, Asian Slaw

W and I had the lettuce wraps at PF Chang's in Buford for dinner Thursday night on our way down to Acworth. They were good, but I'm betting mine will be better!

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