Tuesday, May 10, 2011

San Francisco Treats: Sukhi's Samosas

Dining out in the greater San Francisco area last week was a mixed bag. About the only thing that was consistent was that almost all of the food was ridiculously overpriced -- one exception being our final dinner of four cheeseburgers, two fries and two sodas for $17 at In-and-Out-Burger.

Our first meal was at Gott's Roadside at the Ferry Market Building-- $70 for two orders of fish tacos, a burger, a tuna melt, and two glasses of the least expensive wine on the menu. And so it went -- $140 for two burgers, a barbecue sandwich, two orders of onion rings, a salad, and my yummy smoked duck hash at Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill Valley. Admittedly, that bill included three glasses of wine because someone who shall remain nameless drank two. I enjoyed the hash and my wine, but $140? While most of the food was good, it did not ever approach great. And I hate that. I won't talk here about the overpriced meal that was not even good, but I will be leaving a rather scathing review of that restaurant on Urbanspoon.

So what was good and worth the coinage? Street food from the Tuesday Farmer's Market at the Ferry Market Building. I was headed for the long line in front of the tamale stand when this case of samosas called out to me:

And this lovely array of chutneys chimed in:

The tamales would have to wait. Sukhi's Samosas were buy-4-get-1-free so I ordered five which cost me $8 -- not a bargain, but not ridiculous either. The samosas were slathered alternately with a sweet and spicy tomato chutney and a citrusy cilantro chutney, wrapped in paper and delivered hot and crunchy in a brown paper bag. I ate two right on the spot and am salivating now just thinking about them.

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Good Morning...
Crazy prices.... when you dont come away with the dining experience you expected...
Thanks for sharing the scoop!
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