Thursday, April 21, 2011

Urbanspoon Rocks!

A couple of months ago, I discovered that I could link my restaurant reviews to Urbanspoon. It's kind of amazing the amount of traffic that has been generated by those few reviews. I've reviewed three restaurants in North Carolina -- the Gamekeeper, Casa Rustica, and Crave. And I am now the 8th ranked blogger in North Carolina based on the number of hits those review have gotten. Pretty cool! So now I inspired to write some more reviews of local restaurants. I am going to start with the ones I've eaten at many times, but I'll have to go back one more time before writing the review because I'd prefer to have pictures. Anyone up for lunch or drinks next week?

Here's where I'll be going: Cha Da Thai, Vidalia, Storie Street Grill, Bistro Roca, Woodlands Barbecue, Melanie's Food Fantasy, Coyote Kitchen, and Sledgehammer Charlies'.

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Stacey said...

Please let me come live with you! you are my idol - cooking fabulous meals and going out to eat!