Monday, March 28, 2011

This Monday’s Meal Plan

Another week of gray cold weather is forecasted for the High Country, but I am determined to infuse my menu with a bit of Spring. Usually I put together a menu plan and a grocery list, then tweak the plan once I get to the market. Not this week! I had one dinner in mind – the Avgolemono soup that W requested – but otherwise this week’s menu is completely market-driven.

On the way back up the mountain from the lake today, I stopped in Wilkesboro at A&J Produce and Country Store. On summer weekends when I miss the Farmer’s Market because we are at the lake, I know I can stop there and load up on fresh local produce. This time of the year, the selection is not so great but I was able to pick up some Plant City strawberries as well as some spring onions and red new potatoes. At the grocery, I snagged three packages of boneless loin pork chops from the mark-down meat bin. Asparagus was on sale, and I found some lovely organic carrots to use in a recipe I’d seen in this month’s Cooking Light.

Monday’s weather is likely the worst of the week. It will be a great night for soup. Tuesday, I’ll be taking a rare mid-week break from cooking. A&J Produce offered frozen Moravian Chicken Pie that I couldn’t resist trying. Wednesday’s dinner is appropriately Spring-y with asparagus and green onions. It’s a bonus that the fresh tarragon in the fridge will get used up. I froze all of the pork chops when I got home from the grocery. We’ll thaw some for Thursday night’s dinner. I almost put our favorite Smothered Pork Chops with Mushrooms and Onions on the menu, but decided to try a new recipe, Pork Chops Marsala, since it appears to go together much more quickly. Friday night we’ll be back down at the lake. Hopefully the weather will be much nicer than it was this weekend and we can grill burgers. Saturday we’ll be having dinner out. I am pretty sure that The Shrimp Connection will be in Mooresville on Saturday so I can get fresh shrimp. The shell-fish allergic child will not be dining at home so B and I can indulge our love of shrimp and grits.

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