Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Restaurant Review: The Gamekeeper, Boone, NC

My favorite restaurant in the High Country is hands-down the Gamekeeper. It's one of the few restaurants in the area that serves food that can begin to compare with our old favorites in New Orleans. And at the same time, the restaurant is distinctly different in serving a mountain-style cuisine -- an abundance of beautifully cooked game -- in a cozily elegant mountain-style atmosphere. The Gamekeeper's menu is full of dishes I've never had -- ostrich, rabbit and rattlesnake sausage, country ham paté, grilled escarole, root beer braised pork belly, and on and on. Much of it is locally-sourced.

My pics are somewhat lacking due to the low lighting, but I'm not complaining!

This salad of grilled escarole with bacon, almonds, cranberries, reggianno, and a sherry-balsamic reduction inspired me to grill my own greens. Incredible flavors!

On our most recent trip, DH ordered a special, a pork belly roullade filled with a pork sausage and served with roasted root vegetables.

The grilled ostrich with garlic risotto is the restaurant's must-have dish.

All of the restaurant's meats are grilled over a wood-fire and infused with a perfect smokiness.
The location is remote, the bar is the kind of place I could hang out every night, the wait staff is personable and knowledgeable, the wine list includes some good, reasonably-priced options, and the food is marvelous. What else could you want?

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Ashley said...

I live in Florida but visit NC as often as possible, mainly beceause I LOVE the Gamekeepper! I don't eat meat but their veggie plate is better than I can find anywhere else.
Also, when it is available try their blueberry crips...out of this world AMAZING!


Lynn said...

Is that a special when blueberries are in season? I'll have to look for it. Love their chocolate cake and bread pudding. If I've already had enough to eat I'll get one to go!