Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meal Planning Monday

I usually indulge my need to meal plan on Friday morning if I'm going out of town for the weekend, and on Sunday morning if I'm not. I'm not sure what happened to Friday morning. I spent the weekend in Charleston with W for an Opti practice and threw this plan together late last night while watching the end of the Oscars: In my meal-planning, I think first about what I have on hand in my fridge and freezer that needs to get used. I went to the Whole Foods in Mount Pleasant this weekend in search of duck breasts (to make prosciutto for Charcutepalooza) and juniper berries for brining. I didn't find the juniper berries, but I did find some most interesting-looking tumeric root. That had me thinking about Indian food. Since it wasn't looking like a good night for grilling, Chicken Tikka went on the menu. The Naan was in the freezer and the cauliflower was on sale this week at Harris Teeter.

Tuesday night looked a little complicated -- I teach until 5 and like to exercise after that. B has a basketball game at 6:45. Definitely a good night to pull that chuck roast out of the freezer and put it in the slow cooker with some veggies I had on hand, along with the mushrooms I bought on sale this afternoon.

Wednesday night is this week's fish night. After spending $20-plus on salmon last week, I wanted to do something less expensive. The catfish po-boys were a big hit with the boys last time around. And, it is a quick prep if DH and I want to join friends for Happy Hour beforehand.

Thursday night is another balancing act of Mom's need to work-out after teaching and B's basketball practice at 5:45. I can make the dressing and ready the components, then put it together quickly when he and DH get home. DH smoked the chicken last week. It is stashed in the freezer now. I'm planning on using more of my fabulous homemade bacon as well.

Friday night I'll be making my March Daring Cook's Challenge. Part of the meal is something we've done many times before, but the other part is something I've always wanted to do!

My sister and BIL have been planning to escape Mardi Gras with their girls and come here to ski for the holiday. I know they will love the Gamekeeper so plan to do that Saturday night for dinner and cook Dorie Greenspan's Pan-seared Duck Breasts with Kumquats on Sunday night. Unfortunately, the forecast is for rain Saturday through Tuesday so they may not come. We will probably skip the Gamekeeper if that happens since we are going to spend lots of money wining and dining at Fire on the Rock in March.

In recent weeks, I've planned well and things have gone according to plan. But in my grand scheme, that's not the measure of success. Success is when thing don't go according to plan but I still manage to put a great family dinner on the table before 8:00 on school nights. Flexibility is key. I am optimistic about this week!


Hilary said...

Wow - I am so impressed with your weekly menu! I do meal planning too because it simplifies my life, but our weekly meals consist of casseroles and meatloaf. :-) I love cooking like you do, but I can't imagine doing that one a week night!

Lynn said...

I love meatloaf! I've never posted my favorite recipe because it is not terribly photogenic. Read my posts carefully -- I have a lot of help from Will in the kitchen. It makes a big difference!