Friday, November 19, 2010

So what happened to my meal plan?

The plan for the week was:

Monday – Brunswick Stew and cornbread muffins
Tuesday – grilled flank steak. roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli and green salad with apple
Wednesday – Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa Verde, black beans, avocado salad
Thursday – Lentil Stew with Ham and Greens

I would estimate that I did about 60 percent of that… Monday went as planned. I made the Brunswick stew but needed something to blog about so found the recipe for honey sage cornbread muffins. Tuesday’s flank steak got replaced by a rotisserie chicken because (1) the flank steak in the freezer was actually two frozen together, (2) Dh and B wanted to go to the University’s opening basketball game at 7:00, and (3) it was drizzly and cold and definitely not a night for grilling. The rest of the meal went as planned, including the Mixed Greens & Apple Salad with Apple Cider-Walnut Oil Vinaigrette. I picked up a London broil that was marked down on Tuesday night, and threw it in the crock pot with onions, chipotle chile powder, a little tomato sauce, apple cider vinegar, cumin and beef broth on Wednesday morning. So instead of chicken enchiladas, we had soft beef tacos. There were no decent avocados to be found, so I made a lime-cilantro slaw instead. We did have black beans on the side. And finally, on Thursday we made the lentil stew which was a complete snooze fest. The meal’s saving grace was a thyme, sea salt and parmigiana reggiano focaccia that I put together using a ball of pizza dough which I had picked up earlier in the week. The focaccia rocked and will be the topic of some future blog post. After the disappointing stew, I redeemed myself with brownies.

All in all, dinner this week was about rolling with the punches.

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