Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Muffaletta Pizza

I've been craving a muffaletta for weeks now, but have not indulged for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I can't get the right kind of bread here. And then there are the fat and calories from a big pile of meat and cheese piled on a big chunk of bread soaked with olive oil. So, I came up with the idea of capturing those flavors, but with a limited amount of meat, cheese and bread, by making a muffaletta pizza.

I've been buying my pizza dough from Earth Fare and have been very happy with it. Earth Fare had sold out of the pizza dough balls, so I bought a pizza crust that they had already rolled out instead. It was a little thinner than I normally roll out my crust, but since I really like thin pizza crust, I was fine with it.

I took my jar of olive salad out of the fridge and spread a thin layer of the olive salad on my pizza crust. Since it had just come out of the fridge,the olive oil in the salad was a bit congealed, so I couldn't tell how much was on the pizza. Next, I took thinly sliced mortadella, genoa salami and sopprassetta and cut it into 2/3 inch strips, and grated piles of provolone and mozzerella cheese. The meats were layered over the olive salad, then I topped the pizza with the cheese.
The pizza was very tasty, but not perfect. When the olive salad warmed up, there was an excess of olive oil which soaked the thin crust of the pizza. The crust of the pizza wasn't soggy -- it was oil-soaked and very crisp. But, oil-soaked is just not a good thing. I'll make it again with a thicker crust and room-temp olive salad.

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