Monday, March 15, 2010

Pine Island Lunch

This is the quietest the blog has been in months! I took a short trip to visit my friend JB in Fort Myers for my much-needed Spring Break. The weather was not what I had hoped for, but the food, wine and company were. We had a number of good meals, but my favorite dining-out experience was on a visit to Pine Island in search of fresh seafood for that night’s dinner. We had the perfect lunch at The Olde Fish House Marina – a divey kind of place where you order at a window and sit with your beer at a picnic table on a covered deck to wait for your lunch. The staff there was very friendly and accommodating – JB ordered her oyster sandwich with extra crispy oysters and they were more than happy to comply. I could have eaten one of everything on their fabulous menu of crabs, shrimp, grouper, oysters and other local seafood, but settled on my favorite fried grouper sandwich. It did not disappoint. I was even impressed with the coleslaw I ordered as a side – flavorful, fresh crunchy cabbage with not a lot of mayo. The pictures were taken with my iphone so are a bit lacking.

There is a lot going on at The Olde Fish House Marina. I hate that they don’t have a website I can link (the link above will at least get you to an address), but it is really not a website-kind-of-place, and that is a good thing. In addition to the counter service, they rent kayaks and have a seafood market. JB and I had planned to make bouillabaisse that evening, and needed to buy a lot of seafood – grouper, shrimp, lobster tails, and clams. The guy behind the counter was very helpful and threw in fish bones for our seafood stock for free. All of seafood except for the lobster was fresh and local.

I could have happily gone home for a nap at that point, but JB insisted we had to go in search of the place with the coconut ice cream cones. When we found the Great Licks Ice Cream House, there were about 10 people (all adults) standing in line, but I have to say, it was well worth the wait. I am not a big ice cream fan, but that coconut ice cream was divine. With summer (yeah, right) on the way, I’m inspired to find our ice cream freezer and try to make some.

Next post: wildly successful bouillabaisse with garlic ailoli.
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