Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

For Valentine’s Day, DH and I did one of the things we do well together – we cooked, not a fancy meal, but a practice for our Build-a- Better-Burger contest entry. Ideally, we would have been grilling, but despite temperatures being above freezing this afternoon, it was not quite enough to melt the snow off the grill

The entries are due July 31, and I don’t think we’ve made the burger since we missed last year’s deadline. We had been refining the recipe for months, keeping fairly loose records of how we were seasoning. About a week before the contest deadline, in the process of finalizing the written version, we figured out that, among other things, we should have taken a hard look at the rules a little earlier (like the part where we can’t use a deep fat fryer, but will need to set a boiling pot of oil on the gas grill). And we never did a run-through where we made the recipe exactly as written. So that is what we did tonight, except that the gas grill was not really an option so we decided to focus on seasonings and textures. The burgers were excellent -- B ate a modified version, W and I ate the whole deal, DH had his without a bun -- but we figured out that we need to (1) cut the coriander, (2) figure out how to keep the frizzle warm without getting it either burned or soggy, (3) figure out how to deal with the bun-to-everything else ratio so that each of the (6!) components shine through.

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