Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dark Days Challenge Week -Pork Chops for Dinner

We had our Dark Days meal this week on Tuesday night, but I've been too busy until now to write about it. Last week, we received our monthly delivery from Yellow Wolf Farms. We brined their pork chops in buttermilk and served them with corn bread and some black-eyed peas from Sunny Creek Farms that I had in the freezer. We had planned on having some of what we thought were turnip greens labeled as locally grown at the Harris Teeter, but I'm pretty sure they were actually mustard greens. When I was a kid, we had turnip greens and corn bread a few times a year. In the grand scheme of green vegetables, they were not my favorite but they were far from my least. My kids were less impressed.

We cooked the peas and the greens with some local salt pork I bought a couple of months ago, knowing that it would come in handy at some point. Our meal used three different kinds of milk (as well as eggs)from Homestead Creamery: buttermilk for brining the porkchops, white milk in the corn bread,and chocolate milk for the kids to drink.

My good news is that I have found that the High Country CSA that is making monthly winter deliveries to Boone. Yeah! Their selection of vegetables for February is pretty limited -- I'm ordering several kinds of winter salad greens, onions, baby bok choy -- but it is better than just apples and mustard greens.

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