Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dark Days Challenge Week 13: Pan-fried Trout

I floundered around a bit about what to have for this week’s Dark Days meal. I’m down to very little in the way of fruits and vegetables – the apples are gone, the tatsoi looked old, and apparently all the hydroponic lettuce froze last week. That leaves turnips and collard greens – neither one of which my kids are going to eat. We ended up with a great family dinner though – pan-fried trout, black-eyed peas, roasted honey sweet potatoes, and corn bread muffins. DH soaked the trout in buttermilk before dipping it in flour, eggs and cornmeal and pan-frying it in butter. Yum! Lots of local ingredients were used – the trout, corn meal, flour, butter, eggs, sweet potatoes, honey, black-eyed peas, and salt pork. A few non-local non-organic ingredients snuck in (salt and pepper, onion, healthy choice oil) along with one non-local but organic one (chicken broth).

I’m looking forward to my first delivery from the High Country CSA next week: winter salad green, baby bok choy and onions!

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midwestgreen said...

Floundered around -- HA! I got it!

dinner sounds and looks yummy!