Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bacon (and Breakfast) for Dinner

Last night was our foray into breakfast for dinner cooking classes for the boys. W was originally going to choose the menu and help cook, but we had a last minute substitution when he got a late start on a lot of homework. I didn't have to ask B what he wanted to make -- blueberry pancakes and bacon, lots of it. B is a serious bacon fan. His aunt bought him this pennant to commemorate his love:

Fortunately, we had the necessary ingredients. I added roasted pineapple with lime and brown sugar to round out the meal. The roasted pineapple was an attempt to recreate a really old (so old it is not on their website and I have no idea where my copy is) Cooking Light recipe. My mom called with the recipe just as we finished cooking. We had the right ingredients, but not the right technique. It was good, but not as much as I remember -- I am looking forward to making it again sometime soon following the recipe!

The cooking lesson was mainly about the finer points of frying bacon. B was a little tentative, but eventually got the hang of it. He won't be frying bacon by himself anytime soon, but I look forward to having him as an assistant.

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