Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dark Days Challenge Week 11: Sunday Brunch

Our Dark Day’s Meal this week was Sunday brunch: pork sausage patties, apples sautéed with butter, sugar and cinnamon, cheese grits, scrambled eggs and biscuits. Most all of it was local – the pork, apples, butter, eggs, cheese, grits and flour. The flour I am using is available at my grocer: Southern Biscuit flour out of Newton, NC. I will confess that I have not contacted the mill to find out where their grains are grown. I had never made biscuits before, but was feeling a bit of a slacker for using my easily-procured flour for not much except gravy, while my friend Stacey over at Fessenden Farmstead who is quite the baker is having to special order hers.

I found a recipe in my Fannie Farmer – that is the cookbook I always use if I am looking for a recipe for something basic like muffins, or quiche that can be modified in a number of ways. The cookbook gave the basic recipe for biscuits and then included several variations: buttermilk biscuits, cheese biscuits, drop biscuits and so on. I had some leftover organic buttermilk in the fridge that needed to get used up, so I made the buttermilk variation.
Neither DH nor I are big bakers so I was winging it. The recipe said to turn the dough out onto a lightly floured board and knead 14 times. Exactly what constitutes a knead? I am guessing that if you over-knead, the biscuits are tough and if you under-knead, they are flat. Mine were somewhat flat, but I don’t know if that could also have been as a result of our 3800 foot altitude. Overall they came out okay. I would have liked more salt and less sugar. I’ll try again soon, but clearly I have some research to do!

It was the perfect morning for brunch – not as cold as the 7 degrees predicted – but cold enough that we were all happy to sleep in. By 10:00, we were all starving and enjoyed our big hearty breakfast. It’s 5:30 now and I am just beginning to get hungry again!

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Virginia said...

Susan is good at biscuits. She'll have to share her recipe with you.