Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Zin Wine-tasting

My sister and her partner have wine-tastings all the time. Last year for Christmas, they gave us the velvet bags they use for the tastings, but we’ve not ever really found the right group to invite so we haven't used them. Tonight we had a zinfandel wine tasting and a great time. We are having ribs later tonight, but put together a cheese platter in the meantime. Each couple purchased two zins with no price constraints. The wines were all in the $12-15 dollar range, but one of our's, the Dynamite, was a $25 bottle that I bought on sale for about half that. Guess which one came out on top?


sam said...

Fun! We haven't done a blind tasting in a while. Have tried the Cline before (local Costco carries it) but not the others.

Lynn said...

I bought the Cline at Costco! We went back to Earthfare yesterday and bought all the Dymanite Zin they had on the shelf.