Monday, November 30, 2009

Yes, my children need to go to Sunday School

Tonight we are decorating our tree -- on November 30. It is killing DH, and doesn't feel quite right to me either but since he and W will be out of town sailing for the next two weekends, it needed to get done.

In Louisiana, we had a tradition that on about the second Saturday in December, I would have to go to graduation so DH and the kids would go find a tree. After moving to the mountains where Christmas tree farming is a major industry, we discovered that if you didn't go relatively early (like the weekend after Thanksgiving), the Christmas tree farmers would be rationing the number of big trees that could be cut. Last year, to score our 13-foot tree, we went and chopped it down early, but didn't decorate it for a week or so. This year, we will be spending the holiday with my parents in Mississippi (and we have a large new sectional to deal with) so we settled for a 9-foot tree.

We have a lot of special ornaments. My mom gives me Gorham silver stars each year and DH gives me Waterford Christmas angels. I have given each of the boys a special ornament that reflects their interests each year -- W's include Winnie the Pooh, a fireman, and an Optimist (courtesy of Miami Opti Moms). B's include a selection of Teletubbies, Bart Simpson skiing, and the Beatles (thanks American Idol!). My favorites also include all of the picture ornaments of the kids as babies and toddlers.

This evening as we were digging through our many boxes of decorations, B asked "Where is that Jesus hut thing?" Ummm, you mean the Nativity?


JGH said...

Too funny about the nativity! We usually go to a tree farm to cut ours down, too. I just learned that they actually bring trees in from other growers and replant them at their farm just for the season. Somehow it feels a little less authentic. But it's really about the family tradition and the experience, right? 13 feet is massive!

Your ornaments sound cool. Maybe you'll post a pic when it's all done?

the mommy porch said...

I've posted a pic of my favorite ormanments!

Guinnah said...

My dad's favorite story to tell about me was how I loved to set up the nativity scene and would explain who everyone was, you know "Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus and the three wise guys." I ended up with the nativity scene when my parents moved from their house this year. I just set it up the other day and somehow in the move I lost one piece. Baby Jesus. I think someone is telling me something .... ;-))