Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shopping off the mountain

Very successful shopping day at the Winston-Salem Costco – I found the racks of lamb for a reasonable price. Each had about eight ribs each so I bought four racks for ten people. That will likely be more than enough, especially since six of the ten are women. I picked up a case of wine – their wine prices are so much better I probably should have bought two, but there wasn’t enough room in the cart. The very friendly wine guy did convince me to buy two more bottles. Ya know, when the wine guy is recommending $6.99 bottles, you have to go with it. None of the bottles are at all fancy. The most expensive is a Cline Ancient Vines Zin for around $13. That may get opened later tonight or I may save it for the wine-tasting we are planning during VA’s visit. I bought goat cheese, manchego and a bag of those little cheese rounds in the red wax (for B’s lunches) for less than half what I pay at the grocery. Babyback ribs for when my sister visits for $2.99 rather than $4.99 or sometimes $5.99 a pound. A whole bag of ripe avocados! I consider avocados a food group all their own and haven’t had a properly ripened one in about three months. And a sled, as all of ours have apparently disintegrated.

After lunch at a very mediocre Chinese restaurant, the Schezuan Palace (some people should be banned from recommending restaurants on Chowhound!), we made a quick stop at Marshall’s where I scored these gorgeous Waterford napkins – white linen and cotton with a green-gold ribbon woven around the edge. They only had eight and I would have liked twelve, but figure that I can just mix in a few plain white napkins. Napkin is shown with the one of the napkin rings I bought at the Coppola Vineyard four years ago. If I had only been able to find a long-sleeve collar shirt that B would agree to wear, it would have been a perfect shopping day.

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Guinnah said...

Yum - manchego! The napkins are's so fun to get the table all gussied up!