Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nurture or nature?

So just in case it appears that I am obsessed with food, I am not alone. Here is the e-mail I received last week from my sister who is coming to visit at Thanksgiving.

Have you been looking at the Nov. food magazines? Not sure which ones you are getting these days.....Here's what looks of interest to me:

Cooking Light:
Roasted butternut squash soup with goat cheese toasts
Roasted brussels sprouts and apples
Haricot Verts wtih warm bacon vinaigrette
Sweet potato and butternut gratin

Toasted sweet corn pudding
Golden onion pie

Bon Appetite:
Brown sugar pecan cupcakes with caramel frosting

Food & Wine:
Pear tarte tatin with red wine caramel
Cranberry, clementine & pumpkin seed conserve
cranberry & dried fruit compote


I am not actually getting any food magazines (or any other kind of magazines for that matter). In the past, I’ve subscribed to all of the above, plus Saveur. This month, Gourmet was a must-buy since it is The Last Gourmet, and after I received this email, I bought the November Cooking Light. Then, after we roasted what was ultimately a very lame turkey breast last weekend (until we turned it into turkey tetrazzini), I bought Saveur which I can count on to have good advice about roasting a turkey.

Mostly I find recipes online, compulsively. As in at least a few new recipes a week -- not that I follow them literally, mind you. This week, I made Garden Minestrone on Monday and tomorrow night, I am making Red Onion, Potato and Goat Cheese Pizza since my carb-avoiding spouse is going to be out of town. Both of these are Cooking Light recipes, one of which is in this month’s magazine. has lots of great recipes, enough reviews to figure out which cooks know what they’re talking about, and a good archiving function that lets you sort your recipes into separate categories (Summer grilling! Crock pot! Weekend dinners!) . And I love that the site provides the nutrition breakdown for each of the recipes.

So what sounds good for Thanksgiving? Love the idea of haricot vertes with warm bacon vinaigrette. And the golden onion pie is actually part of a salad course that sounds like a great beginning. Only three weeks to decide…


JGH said...

Oh lord, now I really want a Cooking Light subscription! I was looking at my aunt's copy of it and there were lots of articles about other "healthy lifestyle" type stuff - not just cooking. I think I want to make a soup this Thanksgiving for sure!

the mommy porch said...

I may make that butternut squash soup with goat cheese toasts for my Meatless Monday meal, along with a spinach salad. One kid would eat it happily. The other would likely go warm-up a can of chicken noodle!