Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Looking ahead

I’ve been itching to start planning our spring break and summer trips. About a month ago, I started researching a trip out west to the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park and various other sights in the area. I did enough research to figure out: (1) it is a heck of a long drive, (2) we may not have a window between commitments with enough days in it to do everything I’d want to do once we drove that far, and (3) it is too late to get a reservation at the lodging at the bottom of the canyon. Apparently, you need to call a year ahead of time, so I’m about six months too late. That was the deal-breaker. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon and part of my fantasy visit has always been to hike in and out. At this point, I am in good enough shape to do it, and at least one of my children would probably be enthusiastic about joining us. The other child would have to ride a mule. I suspect I am allergic to mules. Plan B is to pick out a date for next year and be sure to schedule summer school where I have a few weeks off when the kids are out and we have no commitments, and call early for reservations.

Tonight when I sat down for a second round, I started by listing all the constraining dates: last day kids could get out with maximum snow days, the dates I’ll be teaching summer school, the dates for sail camp, and the dates for the Optimist Nationals. Sail camp will be a kind of vacation for all, and the Opti Nationals will be a vacation for some (I’ll be teaching summer school). Traditionally though, we have either done a Notable Trip at the kids’ spring break (NYC, camping at Big Bend National Park) or during the summer (camping at the Buffalo National River and at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park before we lived here). Those were all around 10-day trips. Looking at our schedule, it appears that the most consecutive days we’d have this spring and summer is between ten days and two weeks.

So tonight at dinner, I asked for their input on places they’d like to go, either this year or at some point in the future. B: Hawaii. W: the BVI. I suggested that they give it some thought and we’d talk again tomorrow night!

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