Friday, November 6, 2009

Getting out the good stuff

DH took W to sail his Optimist in Columbia this weekend. I seriously considered going just to hang out with friends, but then decided that I had too many things to do here to be able to relax there. We are hosting the International Dinner Group next weekend, and then my sister and her partner will be coming for Thanksgiving a little over a week later.

Our dinner group allows a lot of latitude in choosing cuisines. I didn’t pick French cuisine per se, but it is ultimately a French menu since we are going to be cooking a meal from The Julia Child Menu Cookbook. The cookbook promises “Splendid menus for every occasion – Holiday Lunch , Dinner for the Boss, Indoor/ Outdoor Barbecue…”The menu we will be cooking is “Rack of Lamb for a Very Special Occasion.”  Clearly, this is a dinner for which the china, crystal and silver must come out! Whenever I have a dinner party, inevitably I have issues with two items: wine glasses and napkins. When we got married, I registered for red wine and water goblets in the same Waterford crystal that my mother has. I chose a less expensive and lighter crystal for white wines and champagne goblets. I have upwards of fifteen of the white wine glasses so I am covered there. However, red wine is more likely the beverage of choice – and not just because we are having lamb. DH has never enjoyed drinking red wine from the Waterford – the glasses are really heavy. Plus, I apparently only have six of them (I could have sworn that I had more than that. Maybe my mom has some of them?) and we will be ten for dinner. At one point, we had around twelve Riedel crystal cabernet goblets but they have a very high attrition rate. At this point, the only stemmed Riedel cabs that we have are a few of the “Jeff Gordon Collection” that I scored at the Goodwill in Mooresville (otherwise known as NASCAR CITY, USA).  I took some sofa pillows back to Tuesday Morning this afternoon and found some red wine goblets that I liked so I bought three boxes of four each. DH is going to bitch that we don’t have room for them and will want to keep them in the boxes in the pantry, but we are once again ready to serve red wine to a crowd. I’ll have to deal with the napkins tomorrow.

B and I are making a run to Costco in Winston-Salem in the morning to buy the racks of lamb (and wine!), among other things. We recently acquired a second fridge to keep in the garage for storing overflow so for the first time ever, I can buy whatever food I want at Costco. Woo-hoo! Their prices on cheese are so much better than the grocery store’s -- our family favorite manchego is literally half the price. I bought a mondo-chunk last time and we consumed it in about a week and a half. I hated having to pay $6 for a pathetically small goat cheese today at the grocery knowing that I can buy it for a lot less tomorrow, but the alternative was paying to go out to dinner so B and I decided it was worth it.

Next task: polishing the silver.

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Guinnah said...

I rather fancy your Jeff Gordon wine glasses ;-) You never know what you'll find at Tuesday Morning...