Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dark Days Challenge Week 2 - Sunday Breakfast

Having had houseguests for most of the week, I hadn't had the chance to do my Dark Days Challenge meal for the week. Our guests departed yesterday and we were running out of week, so this morning we sat down to a breakfast of garlic cheese grits, sauteed apples, scrambled eggs and country ham. The grits, cheese, garlic, butter, apples, eggs and ham were all local. The garlic, butter and eggs were all organic. The cow that contributed the milk for the cheese is living a happy life, but I can't vouch for the pig who contributed the ham.

DH cooked most of the breakfast because I had work to do. After the grits were cooked, I added Ashe County sharp cheddar cheese, garlic sauteed in local butter, salt, pepper and wooster sauce. The cheese grits rocked. We had some leftover so DH put them in individual crocks so that I could have some for breakfast later in the week.

I bought the apples last week when we were shopping on the main drag in Blowing Rock. We used some of them in our salad and apple pie on Thanksgiving day. This morning, DH sauteed sliced apples in butter and cinnamon -- a big hit with W. I predict they will be making a return appearance later this week.

The non-local organic, sustainable or ethical ingredients were cinnamon, salt, pepper and wooster sauce.


Stacey said...

Where can I buy those grits?

Lynn said...

I can send you some! Did you not find any in Charleston?