Thursday, November 26, 2009

3 pies, 6 people

That about sums up our Thanksgiving dinner -- we had easily twice as much food as we could possibly eat. Old favorites (that not everyone had had before) included the chocolate pecan tart and the carmelized onion tart. DH brined and roasted the turkey and made the most awesome gravy of all time (the gravy was actually my favorite of the day).

We served the tart with a celery, apple and walnut salad served over a bed of spinach:

The green beans were also very good -- bacon, carmelized scallions, pecans and baby green beans:

And yes, we did have 3 pies for 6 people -- apple, chocolate coconut pecan, and pumpkin.


Guinnah said...

That onion tart looks amazing! And your table turned out beautifully!

Lynn said...

Thanks -- I think the onion tart recipe is from Epicurious.