Sunday, August 30, 2009


DH and I embarked this morning on what we thought was a "moderate" 13 mile hike on the Tanawha Trail. The trail parallels the Blue Ridge Parkway, beginning a mile or so before the Linn Cove Viaduct (fancy bridge that juts our away from Grandfather Mountain so as not to increase environmental damage) and ends at the Price Lake picnic area. Based on our reading of the trail description, we figured about 4 hours hiking plus driving time so we should be home around 1 or 2. Ha! We hiked for 7 hours and arrived home around 5 completely whupped. Fortunately, we had packed lots of water, some gator-aid, cashews, triscuits and peanut butter fold-overs. The first two or so miles were an uphill climb over stones. Some were terraced, many were not. The boys (who were home sleeping in) will love that section when we drag them back. In retrospect, we had on the wrong shoes. We both were really good running shoes, but we needed shoes with ankle support and thicker soles to better handle the rock and root covered terrain. Much of the trail was really neat, but the last 5 miles or so was nothing special and We were really ready to be done. DH's take is that if I can do that 7 mile hike, the Avon walk should not phase me.

Definitely ready for bed.

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JGH said...

Hey! I'm catching up on wmoms digests and just saw the post about your blog, so I clicked over to see....

I'm very impressed that you can hike 13 miles! I feel lucky if I can get 5 in. Looks like some challenging paths there, too. Good for the calf muscles, at least.

Looking forward to visiting more often!

Jenny (from wmoms)